4 Insightful Benefits of Organic Honey
July 4, 2019
Pure Organic Honey Exporter

Do you what are the different varieties of honey exist in the world? Or where do a raw honey exporter use them? Keep reading this blog to explore the world of various types of honey.

Avocado Honey

Avocado is a large berry having a single big seed in it. Avocados contain healthy fats, fiber and a variety of essential vitamins (including Folate, Potassium, and Vitamin K, C, E, B5 and B6). It is quite unsurprising that avocado honey is impressive for cholesterol and heart.

A pure organic honey supplier always contains a stock of avocado honey as they provide useful applications. The honey type is beneficial for skin treatment recipe and is used as food dressings. It almost tastes like a fruit; because it is dark in color as well as rich in flavor. Due to rich in flavor, it does well to make avocado toast. Avocado honey is popular in Australia, Central America and in Mexico.

Basswood Honey

Basswood honey is counted among the few raw honey varieties which are light in color. This honey type has a woody flavor and has a taste with sweet biting. The honey has a broad range of applications such as sore throat treatment, laryngitis, burns, eczema etc. A raw honey exporter derives honey from basswood blossoms. Trees of basswood belong to the species of tilia genus and have diff known as lime in UK and linden outside the UK. Due to its woody flavor and biting taste, it gives excellent addition to salads, marinades and tea.

Clover Honey

Clover plants are the main source from where clover honey is taken. This honey type is believed as an essential honey-producing plant. Its mild flavor and sweetness have given it the popularity in lengths and breadths of North America. An interesting fact regarding clover honey is that it can change its color as per the location of bees. The clover honey can be light amber or white depending upon where it has been sourced. Clover honey is best to use with honey-banana shake, omelet and banana crepes.

Blueberry Honey

The taste of blueberry honey is different from a typical blueberry. It is a honey type with a complex yet sweet and delicious taste. Blueberry honey is derived from blueberry flowers. This honey type is best for baking and sauce.

Last Word

Every pure organic honey supplier keeps all the above honey types with the addition of buckwheat honey. Although raw honey is beneficial, a little processing in it also serves the purpose.

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