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November 5, 2018

Pure organic honey

Pure Organic Honey Exporter

Uliwa Global Resources Limited is located in Nigeria. Our company was established on 24th May 2018, since then we have developed our name in exporting pure organic honey exporter. We supply honey that is purely extracted to meet the standards of export quality. We are a pure organic honey supplier known to be the biggest exporters of nectar based produce.

Our organization utilizes state of the art machinery to extract and pack pure honey. We hold warehouse, storage systems, processing machines, and hi-tech laboratories to ensure quality.

We have a highly qualified team of Lab officers, laborers, quality inspectors, and support employees who gives our organization an authority to be the no.1 pure organic honey supplier in Nigeria and abroad.

Our company’s initiate is to supply affordable products. Therefore, we offer pure organic honey at market competitive prices. Our clients have revealed that our companies manufactured honey is best in quality and purely natural. We also share the pure organic honey benefits with our clients so they can avoid artificial alternatives. Our honey is entirely produced in Nigeria. We have a massive setup of honey hives. So if a customer ever wonders asking where to find organic raw honey near me – then our companies honey is best for them!

Pure Organic Honey Supplier in Nigeria

As a leading pure organic honey exporter, we sell 100% organic honey that is as close as you can get it directly out of the bees-hive. We specify that our honey is totally free from the pasteurization process. Purification happens when the nectar is warmed to 150 degrees Fahrenheit for a timeframe, ordinarily for 30 minutes.

Honey supplied in markets is not purely natural; they go through processors that almost refine all its natural beneficiaries. We guarantee our customers that we do not filter our honey. We just run it through screens to expel wax, honey bee parts, and whatever other debris that you would not prefer to eat.

In addition to that, pure honey can quickly heal all your wounds. This gift of nature is also great to improve your digestive system. Other then that, if you have a sore throat, one teaspoon in the morning with your tea and lemon can help you relax for the whole day. Usually, you won’t find pure organic honey supplier. However, we supply all year long for our loyal clients.

To make it convenient for our clients we supply honey in glass jars, disposable bottles. We also have a wide variety for our clients. Organic honey will never get rotten. On the off chance that you might want to soften it merely place it in a pot of water that isn’t more boiling than 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Consumers should be additionally cautious with plastic. Never put the honey in your microwaves! Microwaves will quite often overheat and ruin the taste of it.

Also, we have a QA department that will make sure that all our products are quality and standard maintained. For further assistance, we the pure organic honey exporter are ready to serve you round the clock. You can connect with us quickly through our website.


Color: amber
Storage : Must be kept in cool, clean, dry place


Moisture 14.8 %
total ash – 0.28 %
PH (10% solution), @ 250 celsius – 4.4 %
total acidity – 0.09 %
weight per volume (SG), g/litre – 1,427.1
reducing sugars (as fructose),%- 88.4

Sucrose %– 0.00

Total nitrogen (N) %– 1.71

Proline, mg/kg 186.3

Water insoluble matter-2.9

Refractive index – 1.49859

Saccharin (qualitative test) – Absent

Sodium chloride (salt)% 0.03

Lead  ( as pb), mg/kg<0.0001

Arsenic (as As) mg/kg<0.0001
Cadmium (Cd) mg/kg< 0.001 mg/kg
copper as (Cu)mg/kg <0.24

Fructose/Dextros Ratio,% 106:100

Total Acidity, mEq/kg 19.5

Viscosity @ 270c,centipoise (cps)- 4,725


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